Stylish office design is essential

Melbourne office fitoutsI know office fitouts are usually reserved for places of business…however, that is exactly what my personal small office is. Besides, the size of the place is rather comparable to your average office of thirty or so people, so I feel a bit of renovation is justified.

This has become a rather regular occurrence for me over the last few years, as one becomes rather tired of the same drab surroundings when one must look at them every day! Previously I sought our specialist renovators, but with the Melbourne office fitouts industry growing so much in recent times, I thought I’d perhaps give them a trial. Try before you buy, as they say, because if a satisfactory job is performed I will be purchasing the entire industry post-haste. I know a good business practice when I see one, and this seems promising. We shall see.

In the meantime, I’ve had quite some time to think of what I’d like done with the place. I’m quite fond of the marble staircase; however, I know such a thing is not a regular fixture in offices, and thus may not fall under the jurisdiction of professional fitout agents. This is a flaw I will correct once I’m in control of the industry, of course. I know for a fact that sweeping marble staircases are a simple, elegant way to assure clients that you make obscene amounts of money, and not orange sofas as prevalent in tech startups. Mark my words…if I purchase a tech company, the first order of business is to comb through all their offices and cast their orange sofas into the furnace.
They are then replaced with more professional leather, often coloured white to remind all the employees that they work for a serious place of business and not a funhouse. I have standards, and whatever the best commercial office fitouts Melbourne has to offer I will allow them into my office promptly. If I see a hint of orange, our partnership is over.

Dating and boating

outboard motor repairsIn order to understand me you have to know two things. The first is that I love the ocean, I love everything to do with ocean and would live in it if I could. I spend as much time in the sea as possible and if I’m not directly in the sea then I like to be on my boat. The second thing to know is I put my boat first. If it comes to hanging out with you or working on my boat, I will choose the latter, always. Ok, looking back this wasn’t the best online dating profile but it was honest. I’m not great at the whole charming, funny thing so I just went with direct, this is me.

That is a refined version, originally I had written a small paragraph about my new anchor winch, Melbourne girls are apparently not impressed by such things. My sister had many suggestions on what to delete. I am not surprised that I got zero attention on my profile attempt. I tried to chat to a girl called Sarah who had a boat in one of her pictures but she blocked me. Doesn’t do great things for your confidence. My sister told me to try a less direct approach and try and be a little more light hearted about it. Sadly I was compelled to remove any mention of my recent outboard motor repairs in Melbourne.

I’m a young guy who has a passion for the sea and would like to get to know you. While the messages didn’t quite come flooding in, I did get chatting to a nice girl called Louise who spends a lot of time on her parents boat in the bay. I tried not to get too into the boating chat but when she mentioned her Dad’s new electric anchor winch I couldn’t resist asking what model it was. I guess she liked that because she has invited me to go and see it on the weekend so fingers crossed she thinks I’m somewhat normal.

Fishing for inner peace

outboard motor service MelbourneA lot of things are said to bring a person contentment. There’s meditation and yoga, there’s eastern mystical philosophy and religion, and then there’s love and laughter. Personally, I think fishing should be added to the list. Since getting the outboard motor repair on my boat, I’ve been contemplating the art of fishing more and more. I’m evening thinking of writing a book about it entitled The Path of the Mystic Fisherman. Fishing connect us to nature in ways that we as consumers in an advanced society have forgotten. Through the act of fishing, you’re once again an extension of the earth around you, and just a small part of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Our food, water and sustenance still comes from the earth, we’ve just lost touch with it, and fishing reminds us of the reality of life.

Aside from this connectedness you get with nature, fishing is much like meditation and mindfulness in that it brings you back to the now. It’s a skill that one needs to develop, especially in this frivolous world of short-attention spans and instant gratification. When you’re out in the wild, with nothing but your boat and your rod, that’s when your mind slows down, you learn presence, patience and experience true peace. It’s these profound benefits of fishing that I feel are grossly underrated.

Soon I’m going to go and get my friends to help with the outboard motor servicing. Melbourne marine fabrications can custom make the parts to suit your fishing needs. This is important to my meditative, holistic take on fishing, because a poor design can really mess with the feng shui. You don’t want a misplaced aluminium bar interfering with your tranquility, jutting into your state of calm like a crooked spanner. Aesthetics count for something, but that’s another book altogether…