The Adelaide heat is out of control

Adelaide air conditioningThis whole situation with Marie is starting to stress me out. Her cooling system is out of action, apparently, and she is waiting until the off-season to do anything about it. This means that when Pat, the kids and I visit for her New Year’s Eve celebrations, we are going to be housed in inhumanely hot conditions. Of course, I did not hear this news from Marie herself. I had a chat to Adelaide, her adult daughter. How Adelaide managed to become a well-adjusted adult is beyond me. I do try to get along with Marie seeing as she is my sister-in-law, but she is not exactly the most agreeable person. On the matter of air conditioning, Adelaide completely agrees with me. She thinks her mother is being inconsiderate, making no effort to understand that the heat affects me greatly. I am really trying to be grateful that Marie has kindly agreed to invite the family to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

However, as I learnt the hard way from my positive thinking phase, it is not enough to believe that everything will be sorted out. Positive thinking needs to be combined with positive actions in order to achieve the result you want. This applies to everything, from weight loss, to learning to juggle, to dealing with your mildly irritating sister-in-law. So in cahoots with her daughter, I hatched a plan to ensure that my trip to Marie’s will not involve sweating in a hotbox.

To try to get Marie to organise the air conditioning repairs, Adelaide has been visiting her mother often and commenting that it is uncomfortably warm inside her house. It does feel a little silly to have to plot to get Marie to do anything about the cooling situation. However, I feel like I have no choice as asking her nicely has only been met with derision. I will continue to present a positive front to Marie and maybe it will one day rub off onto her.

Round and Round We Go

air conditioning repairs MelbourneI just LOVE it when we waste our time in meetings with stuff that’s already done. ‘Appliances’ was on the agenda tonight, which I thought was weird because we already sorted all that. We got three fridges, a dedicated laundry room for any delegate who needs to use it, a fully-equipped kitchen…what else do we need? I even got on some guys in Melbourne who do air con repairs, because they’re coming down to the expo and they can sort us out if anything goes bust. See how well-connected I am? Mm-hmm, I’ve got all of this under control. And then it comes up in the meeting and Sharlene’s all like ‘We gotta sort out getting’ air con for the kitchen.’

Sharlene, we got that stuff fixed up ages ago. Remember, you were there? Or maybe you were checking out your nails at the time. I swear this girl has no brains or memory whatsoever. Makes me wonder what her home life is like. If her air conditioner is busted or the fridge goes out, what does she do? Wait three weeks until all the food is mouldy and then maybe suggest to her husband that they need some repairs? I’m just hoping that her husband fills in her mental gaps, because otherwise those kids aren’t getting any proper nutrition.

I can imagine it…the fridge off, flies buzzing around. Surely, as the chairwoman, Sharlene can at least make an effort to remember anything we’ve said. Or better still, she could actually go down to the venue and check what we got before she wastes all our time pointless meetings. I had it all under control, air con repairs, all the services. I had important stuff to discuss, she just cuts across and asks me if I can double check my contacts for air conditioning in Melbourne. See, they’re fine Sharlene. Maybe we need to get some repairs for that hole in your head- a lot of important stuff appears to be leaking out.

Dry Needling, an Aussie Trend

Sydney dry needling coursesHi guys!

Alright, here’s what you probably want to know first: people here just don’t understand Wales. I’d say about 50% of people I talk to know it’s a real country (and everyone asks, because the accent is one they’ve never heard). The rest have sort of heard of it, but think it’s a county in England or an island somewhere. I’ve given up explaining that it’s part of the UK, but also its own country with its own culture, language…it’s easier just to say I’m from Wales and study their panicked reaction as they try to figure out what that is. Also, fun.

Anyway, work is pretty cool! I work for a sports club that organises all kinds of therapy, for both mental stress and physical injury. Anything the athletes need to get them back on their feet. Basically, it’s looking like Sydney dry needling courses are the popular at the moment. A few of the physiotherapists we have working here have been sent off to learn how to dry needle in those courses, and they seem to come back with positive experiences. Not sure if this has reached the British Isles as of yet…haven’t really heard of it much at home, but I guess if it’s that popular it’ll get there. I hear they also run courses in New Zealand, which I guess is a place I with which I feel some kinship. Their accents are often mistaken for Australian, when they’re travelling anyway (the guys in the office say that an Aussie would never make that mistake. Guess I’ll take their word for it, because at the moment they do sound really similar to me).

So that’s life; booking dry needling courses across Australia, looking over resumes of physios and other people who do stuff like that, before I give them to the boss of course. And a whole bunch of people asking where I’m from and then immediately regretting it. I’m guessing I shouldn’t bring Welshcakes into the office.


Conveyancing, and the Building of Repute

conveyancing RichmondHello, Mother and Father,

I hope this missive finds you well. I am indeed the same, having arrived in Australia with minimal fuss and relatively little paperwork. I am still growing used to the natives and their strange tongue- one particularly confusing instance had my sponsor using ‘yeah, nah’ as a means of denial, and ‘nah, yeah’ as a means of confirmation- but otherwise, they are good people. Salt of the Earth, one may even say.

As I requested, Father, I have been placed in an industry as befitting as those of our class, namely that of real estate and property management. In my local suburb of Cheltenham, conveyancing appears to be the flavour of the month, and I deal with them regularly (even if this is of the fetching coffee variety of service…one must start somewhere, I suppose). Conveyancing is a fascinating science when one looks at the documents, of which there are many. One person moves out of a home, another moves in. The vacated party must find somewhere else, if they have no already. What are you to do if no suitable place presents itself? That, I suppose, is where estate agents come in.

Conveyancers are those who handle the legal documentation and make the transition smooth, as it is said. Obviously you are well-versed in these things, Father, being a property mogul and obscenely rich because of it. No doubt you deal with conveyancers in London on a regular basis, so those in Melbourne operate on more or less the same principles.

I would not know. Most of my tasks have been of the fetching variety. However, I have been told that I shall soon be moving up to shredding, photocopying and, if I prove my skill, filing. That’s the goal, anyway. Apparently there place that does conveyancing in Richmond, and they are in need of a filer. You always told me to set goals for myself to achieve greatness, Mother and Father. So this is now my goal.