Remembering the Old Chandelier

designer lightingOla friends!

It’s pretty different here in Australia, but I really like it. All the forums I read said it was a country where people didn’t like those who weren’t like them, but I haven’t seen any of it. People seem really interested to hear that I’m from Mexico, especially when they hear that I’m studying home design.

Okay, so they do seem a bit TOO surprised when I say that, like they think I should be doing something more…stereotypical? Nah, it’s fine. I’m teaching my classmates Spanish, and they teach me Australian slang. It’s tougher than you’d think.

As for class, I’m learning loads there too. There’s a lot to know about home design, especially in Melbourne. They really like their designer lighting, for one thing. Oh, that’s, like…lights for you home, but ones that look really good. A bit like the ones that my grandpa had in his home; chandeliers, they call them. It’s funny, but that’s one of the things I remember the most about visiting grandpa. No one else had a home like him, but then, he had a good job. I think that was where I became interested in home design, even though things have really changed, and homes in Australia are totally different to his.

I’ve had a few assignments where we have to submit designs, and grandpa’s house has always stayed with me as I’ve been drawing. Of course, I’ve put in a lot of my own style. Done a bit of research on Melbourne’s commercial LED lighting and combined what’s in my head with some real facts! That’s what my friend always used to say.

“Your head is like a home. Only invite someone inside if you’re planning on entertaining.”

I think he’d be really proud, although he’d probably think all this lighting talk was stupid. That was my grandpa, alright. Always practical.


People Here Need Orthotics

arch supports CheltenhamHi Mom and Dad,

To answer your question…no. It’s not as hot here as everyone thinks. I think if I’d taken that job in Brisbane it’s be different, but Australia is so big, it has different climates depending on where you are, just like America. So Melbourne is like…Seattle, I think? Anyway, it’s winter here. Not much sun, loads of clouds.

Big spiders, though, so you can tick that one off the list. Apparently you see more of them in summer, so not looking forward to THAT. Oh, and people really love their sport, so tick that one off as well. The most common foot conditions in Melbourne are athlete’s foot and Achilles tendinitis, which seem to mostly be caused by that thing they call ‘football’. Oh, and netball. That’s really popular here, and it’s really hard on the feet and the ankles. Often we get people coming in with conditions bad enough that we can’t just give them orthotics and move them on. There are podiatry clinics around the place, like in Cheltenham and other places, so we send them there.

Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time some teenage girl came in having sprained her ankle real bad, or with some kind of fungal nail condition from just not treating her nails properly, I’d be able to buy an apartment in Manhattan. Sports is tough on the feet: fact. Gives me a bit of faith every time someone comes in and says they’re about to start playing Aussie football or netball or whatever, and they want orthotics to make sure their feet are fine.

So that’s life here at the moment. Handing out all kinds of custom orthotics, and sending them onto a podiatry clinic somewhere when it’s too bad. Some friends from work want me to join a local Aussie football league, which I’m still not sure about. But I know I‘m getting myself some arch supports before I go anywhere near that sport.