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The Adelaide heat is out of control

Adelaide air conditioningThis whole situation with Marie is starting to stress me out. Her cooling system is out of action, apparently, and she is waiting until the off-season to do anything about it. This means that when Pat, the kids and I visit for her New Year’s Eve celebrations, we are going to be housed in inhumanely hot conditions. Of course, I did not hear this news from Marie herself. I had a chat to Adelaide, her adult daughter. How Adelaide managed to become a well-adjusted adult is beyond me. I do try to get along with Marie seeing as she is my sister-in-law, but she is not exactly the most agreeable person. On the matter of air conditioning, Adelaide completely agrees with me. She thinks her mother is being inconsiderate, making no effort to understand that the heat affects me greatly. I am really trying to be grateful that Marie has kindly agreed to invite the family to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

However, as I learnt the hard way from my positive thinking phase, it is not enough to believe that everything will be sorted out. Positive thinking needs to be combined with positive actions in order to achieve the result you want. This applies to everything, from weight loss, to learning to juggle, to dealing with your mildly irritating sister-in-law. So in cahoots with her daughter, I hatched a plan to ensure that my trip to Marie’s will not involve sweating in a hotbox.

To try to get Marie to organise the air conditioning repairs, Adelaide has been visiting her mother often and commenting that it is uncomfortably warm inside her house. It does feel a little silly to have to plot to get Marie to do anything about the cooling situation. However, I feel like I have no choice as asking her nicely has only been met with derision. I will continue to present a positive front to Marie and maybe it will one day rub off onto her.

Round and Round We Go

air conditioning repairs MelbourneI just LOVE it when we waste our time in meetings with stuff that’s already done. ‘Appliances’ was on the agenda tonight, which I thought was weird because we already sorted all that. We got three fridges, a dedicated laundry room for any delegate who needs to use it, a fully-equipped kitchen…what else do we need? I even got on some guys in Melbourne who do air con repairs, because they’re coming down to the expo and they can sort us out if anything goes bust. See how well-connected I am? Mm-hmm, I’ve got all of this under control. And then it comes up in the meeting and Sharlene’s all like ‘We gotta sort out getting’ air con for the kitchen.’

Sharlene, we got that stuff fixed up ages ago. Remember, you were there? Or maybe you were checking out your nails at the time. I swear this girl has no brains or memory whatsoever. Makes me wonder what her home life is like. If her air conditioner is busted or the fridge goes out, what does she do? Wait three weeks until all the food is mouldy and then maybe suggest to her husband that they need some repairs? I’m just hoping that her husband fills in her mental gaps, because otherwise those kids aren’t getting any proper nutrition.

I can imagine it…the fridge off, flies buzzing around. Surely, as the chairwoman, Sharlene can at least make an effort to remember anything we’ve said. Or better still, she could actually go down to the venue and check what we got before she wastes all our time pointless meetings. I had it all under control, air con repairs, all the services. I had important stuff to discuss, she just cuts across and asks me if I can double check my contacts for air conditioning in Melbourne. See, they’re fine Sharlene. Maybe we need to get some repairs for that hole in your head- a lot of important stuff appears to be leaking out.

Air Con Woes In Scorching Perth

Perth air con serviceI can’t say that I’ve ever really been a fan of hot weather. I really much prefer to have things that quite cool, winter being my favourite season. I would much rather be too cold than too hot. I would much rather be neither actually, if I can indeed help it. I would love to be an even temperature all year round but that isn’t a reality. I would love to be the only person in the room who was not sweating. I would just adore having that kind of power. In any case, I am going to get in touch with the air conditioning repair company in Perth so that I can get this whole situation sorted out. There isn’t really anything else I can do in the meantime. I’m sitting in shorts on the floor dreaming about how cool my home will be once the air conditioner is fixed up. I don’t know why it is broken, but I blame my flatmate Sarah. I will have to confront her about it another time, when my brain is not boiling over and turning into hot sludge.

I find it hard to think when it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the top of my skull. I can’t wait for the air con repair crew to fix up the problem that I’ve have been having for close to a week now. Basically I have been the sweatiest man in the town for close to a week, I may be exaggerating but it’s not far off. It feels like have living this inferno for ages, and I want more than anything to be icy cool again. I miss my lovely air conditioning, Perth is the hottest place in Australia and is unbearable without the help of a cooling system. I can’t remember why I decided to move to Perth but I think it’s time I reevaluated that decision.

Moving to hotter places

air conditioning CanberraI had just gotten off the phone to my mother, who was ringing for her weekly chat. She had gone a little bit bonkers since I’d moved interstate. She was calling weekly and wanting to talk for hours. I didn’t have much to say to her normally, but this phone call I had some news, which she was happy to hear. I told my mother about my air conditioning incident, that happened when I first got here. I hadn’t told her at the time because I didn’t want her to worry, or send me any money, which I knew she would.

I explained to my mother how when I walked into my unit, the air con didn’t work. I told Mum how I had gone and spent the night in a nearby motel because I was so annoyed and wanted to get cool. I could hear the shock in my mother’s voice as she gasped at my news. I continued on to tell my mother about calling the team from the air conditioner repairs company in Canberra about booking in an appointment.

Mum was a bit concerned about me spending money on a motel room and then air con repairs before I’d even started my new job. She pointed out how much this promotion had cost me already, not including the fee for the technician. Mum was very upset because she didn’t want me moving away. I was her only child and I knew she had wanted me to stay at home for as long as possible. I couldn’t think of anything worse.

After Mum had finished telling me how much of a bad decision I’d made, accepting my promotion, I told her about the Canberra air conditioning technician , and how quickly he fixed the cooling. Mum had blocked out everything good that I’d said and focused on the bad. The conversation didn’t last the usual two hours today because I got annoyed with her comments. Accepting the promotion was the best move I’d ever made for my career. She didn’t know what she was talking about.