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Swimming through the heat wave

glass pool fencingI tried my best to keep out of everybody’s way for the best part of the day. I didn’t want to be annoying people around me anyone. I had tried to do something considerate in the morning which only ended up backfiring and resulting in me wrecking the air conditioner. I felt terribly guilty, I knew that it would be an expensive repair. The weather had been super hot lately and this morning was as bad as Summer had been. I woke up dripping in a pool of my own sweat and thought it would be a top idea to cool the house down for the family. I tried to get the air conditioner working but none of the buttons worked, I pushed them all for good measure. By the time Mum and Dad got up, the air conditioner was beeping loudly wouldn’t turn on.  Rather than face my mother I decided to hide in the pool. We had recently just got the backyard pool installed and filled and were only waiting on the glass pool fencing. Melbourne was set for a scorcher and I knew that my parents would be cranky without the air conditioner. Mum called for me a few times but I dipped below the water and waiting at the bottom of the pool. If only we had the pool fence installed it would have been more difficult for my mother to see me hiding in the pool. 

The reason I felt so bad was mostly because I knew my parents already had to pay for our brand new aluminium pool fencing. Melbourne is a trendy place to live and my parents wanted our pool to fit right in with the neighbours. I knew I should relax bad but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was a burden to my parents. A little later after I got out of the pool mother came to my room and asked me why I was hiding. She had noticed that I had been avoiding everyone was concerned. I broke down in tears and told Mum that I was the one who broke the air. She gave me a big hug and told me to stop worrying. We spent the rest of the day eating fruit salad and looking through the pool fencing catalogue. I need to worry less.