Low maintenance, high impact: Native Shrubs

flowering shrubsWhen it comes to looking after your garden, it really pays to do a little maintenance every now again. I always tell people, you can either spend forty minutes a week maintaining your garden or five hours every month. In my most recent series of garden tutorials I have been drawing attention to the versatile and dynamic uses of native shrubs. Native shrubs are a great way to brighten up brown patches of your yard. One of my favourites is the grevillea apricot glow, it really pops, it looks like a beaming
sun just bursting out of your yard. A lot of people ignore native
flowering shrubs because they aren’t as sexy as more exotic plants. I am here to fight the good native shrub fight. The grevillea apricot glow is an evergreen compact native shrub that is so easy to maintain you just will not regret getting some. In terms of maintenance, a little water here and there and that’s pretty much it. They can be grown in sunshine and even in shade, and the best thing is, they attract birds, transforming your garden into a sanctuary of colourful wildlife.

Don’t even get me started on the super doopers, who doesn’t want gerberas peppering an otherwise dreary landscape! Again maintenance is super easy, a little water here and there and some pruning to keep things in order and that’s it. Just doing a little bit every now and again will save you a massive upheaval when things become unruly back there. Native shrubs are great because they really don’t require a lot of attention to look really good, and they can tie together a landscape design with their range of colours and shapes. I’m trying to create an experience with my garden. I’m not trying to win awards but if I was to enter I’d like to be on the podium so to speak.