Round and Round We Go

air conditioning repairs MelbourneI just LOVE it when we waste our time in meetings with stuff that’s already done. ‘Appliances’ was on the agenda tonight, which I thought was weird because we already sorted all that. We got three fridges, a dedicated laundry room for any delegate who needs to use it, a fully-equipped kitchen…what else do we need? I even got on some guys in Melbourne who do air con repairs, because they’re coming down to the expo and they can sort us out if anything goes bust. See how well-connected I am? Mm-hmm, I’ve got all of this under control. And then it comes up in the meeting and Sharlene’s all like ‘We gotta sort out getting’ air con for the kitchen.’

Sharlene, we got that stuff fixed up ages ago. Remember, you were there? Or maybe you were checking out your nails at the time. I swear this girl has no brains or memory whatsoever. Makes me wonder what her home life is like. If her air conditioner is busted or the fridge goes out, what does she do? Wait three weeks until all the food is mouldy and then maybe suggest to her husband that they need some repairs? I’m just hoping that her husband fills in her mental gaps, because otherwise those kids aren’t getting any proper nutrition.

I can imagine it…the fridge off, flies buzzing around. Surely, as the chairwoman, Sharlene can at least make an effort to remember anything we’ve said. Or better still, she could actually go down to the venue and check what we got before she wastes all our time pointless meetings. I had it all under control, air con repairs, all the services. I had important stuff to discuss, she just cuts across and asks me if I can double check my contacts for air conditioning in Melbourne. See, they’re fine Sharlene. Maybe we need to get some repairs for that hole in your head- a lot of important stuff appears to be leaking out.