Technicians fix heating just in time

I was back in my office with a fresh cup of hot tea and a new magazine to read. Unfortunately, the office was still incredibly uncomfortable because of the cold. The heating unit had broken down over the weekend and it was a particularly cold day in Brisbane. Heating is something you take for granted until you no longer have that luxury. Thankfully the heating repair team were in the back room working on the problem.

I had been complaining about the cold to with my manager earlier in the day. My complains were falling on deaf ears, mainly because my boss had a portable heater in his office! He told me the repair company should be able to have the gas heating back up and running within a few hours.

It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I couldn’t barely stand a few more minutes in this icy box let alone a few more hours. I had a lot of work to get done and it was hard to focus while shivering. Also the lack of airflow was making me feel sick and I could barely concentrate on my mountain of work. I guess those deadlines would have be pushed back. I sure as heck wasn’t going to take the blame for late work because of the lack of heating. Brisbane is supposed to be nice temperatures all year round! It was one of the main reasons I moved from Tasmania after all.

The gas heating repair team were also making a lot of noise.  The room where the heating unit was situated directly behind my office. I entertained myself by listening to the technician’s conversations and pretending I was somewhere else. I wasn’t going to attempt any work. I had a feeling I’d do more harm than good.
I heard a brief rumbling and then warm air started falling from the vents in the roof. Feeling that first bit of warm air land on my skin gave me goosebumps and instantly relaxed me. With only an hour left of the work day, I thought it best to go home early.