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Awkward clueless date

he wont stop talking about pool fencesIt was pretty terrible from the start. First, he was about twenty minutes late and made absolutely no apology or even acknowledgment of his tardiness. As we got the restaurant it turned out he had actually forgotten to make the reservation so we had to wait another fifteen minutes for a table. I suppose at this point he would have had to have been prince charming to make up for the apocalyptic beginning. He spent a good 45 minutes telling me about his new in ground pool and how he couldn’t decide between different types of pool fence. He told me, in great detail, about every single type of pool fence available in Melbourne. I felt like I was dealing with my own landscaping drama with the amount of detail he provided. He is really into his home. He listed his favourite features and told me the pros and cons of each one. It was actually alarming that someone could go on for so long without realising the other person is thoroughly bored. He seemed to have absolutely no understanding of social cues. After telling me about semi frameless pool fencing, he then went on to give me a rundown of all the best pool fence companies in Melbourne that he had considered along with all the reasons he chose them.

Just as we finished dinner he asked me what I did for a living. It took him a solid two hours to come up with a question for me. As I told him the answer, I am a real estate agent, he then went on to tell me about all the real estate agents he has ever met and what he thought of them. I was pretty much ready to slap him and leave at that point. I asked for the bill but excused myself before it arrived.