Steeling House Supplies

As my journey continues, the foundation and the structural skeleton of my dream shed house stands tall and robust. The next critical step in my project is incorporating lintels to support openings for doors and windows. My priority is to maintain the structural integrity of the house while allowing architectural flexibility.

I took to researching lintels extensively, delving deep into various forums and reviews, and seeking guidance from seasoned builders. My research led me to a treasure trove of steel lintels for sale close to Melbourne, offering a range of options that could cater to my specific needs. There was a sense of assurance in knowing that the material that would hold up the structural openings of my home was sourced from the best in the industry.

The ensuing stage of construction introduced me to the enthralling world of structural steel fabrication. It was a fortunate day when I partnered with expert structural steel fabricators based near Melbourne. Their deep knowledge and hands-on approach to crafting and assembling steel components proved to be an invaluable asset.

Under their guidance, the raw steel lintels metamorphosed into beautiful, strong frameworks that gracefully adorned the openings in my shed house, promising strength and durability. The symmetry of the lintels matched harmoniously with the steel beams, creating a marvellous mesh of metal that stood testimony to human ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Each day, as I watched the artisans work meticulously, shaping, welding, and merging the steel components into a structured beauty, I couldn’t help but feel a profound respect for their craft. It was a ballet of sparks, a symphony of clanging metals yielding to the skilled hands orchestrating the structure into existence.

With the lintels and structural frameworks in place, my shed house has started taking a definitive shape, exhibiting the marks of a home filled with warmth and personalised touches. It is no longer just a construction site; it is a dream morphing into reality, one steel beam at a time.

Musting Mechanic

As a classic car enthusiast, I’ve always taken pride in maintaining and driving my vintage ride. A beautiful Musting, with all its original parts, it was my pride and joy. But with age, comes inevitable issues, especially when you try to mix the old with the new. On one fateful day, while trying to install a modern audio system into my Musting, I managed to short something out. The car went silent, refusing to start. Panicked, I quickly realised I needed a professional – and fast.

After calming down, I started my hunt for a mechanic close to Milperra, as I wasn’t keen on getting my beauty towed across town. I wanted someone who understood the soul of a vintage car but was also well-versed with modern technology. A tall order, but hope remained.

Scouring through online forums and reviews, I was led to a workshop that not only had a fantastic mechanic but also an auto electrician Milperra residents trust. The comments were filled with praise for their electrical wizardry, especially with hybrid and older cars, which was exactly what I needed.

As I described my dilemma over the phone, I was reassured that they had dealt with similar issues in the past. Feeling optimistic, I arranged for my Musting to be transported to their garage.

Once there, it was heartening to see the mechanic and electrician, working in tandem, bringing their unique expertise to the table. The electrician, a young chap named Benny, had a deep appreciation for older cars and their quirks. He narrated tales of restoring electrical systems in classic vehicles, making them compatible with today’s tech, without compromising their vintage charm.

The issue with my Musting? A wrongly connected wire that had caused the short. Benny and his team quickly rectified it, ensuring the new audio system was correctly integrated. By the end of the day, not only was my car back to its roaring best, but the music from the stereo was crisp and clear!

Driving away, I was filled with gratitude for the duo that had saved my car. The blend of old-school mechanics with modern electrical knowledge was the perfect combination. Now, every time I’m cruising with the windows down, and the music turned up, I’m reminded of the expertise that went into ensuring my Musting remained the perfect blend of yesterday and today.

Glassty Gnork

In the heart of the glass realm, nestled among shimmering skyscrapers and colourful glass balustrades, stood Glassty Gnork’s Citadel. Composed entirely of crystal clear glass, it was a testament to both beauty and strength. Our scaly hero, Pyro, stared up at the towering citadel, girding himself for the battle that was sure to come.

Stepping through the grand entrance, Pyro’s heart pounded in his chest. He had faced many adversaries, but none as formidable as Glassty Gnork. The villain emerged from the shadows, a gleaming figure encased in a suit of hardened glass. The standoff was as tense as the silence before a storm, each opponent measuring the other.

As the battle commenced, sparks of magic flew, echoing through the glass halls. Pyro’s flames clashed with Gnork’s icy blasts, causing cracks to ripple across the citadel’s walls and floors. It wasn’t long before the once pristine citadel began showing the scars of their fierce battle.

Through the din of the fight, Pyro remembered the importance of the citadel’s structure to the realm’s inhabitants. In the midst of their clash, he saw the need to book office glass tinting services in Melbourne. The citadel wasn’t just a home for Glassty Gnork; it served as a hub for many glass experts who would now need to repair the damage.

As Pyro dodged another of Gnork’s icy blasts, he marvelled at his adversary’s strength. His own fire seemed to merely glance off Gnork’s glass armour. Using an advanced office tinting process, Glassty Gnork had made his armour completely heat resistant, proving effective even against his dragon fire.

The battle raged on, the citadel suffering under their powerful onslaught. Pyro knew that the realm’s skilled repair experts would have their work cut out for them. But he also knew that the glass realm and its diligent guardians would rise to the occasion, just like they always did.

As the dust settled, Pyro found himself ready for the repair phase. The citadel would shine again, and the realm would continue to dazzle all who visited. After all, the spirit of the glass realm was as resilient as the materials they so masterfully crafted.

Solar Log 004

“Today was a milestone. It was like scaling the peak of the tallest mountain, looking out at the vast landscape of possibilities stretched out beneath. Today, I managed to send a distress signal back home. Against all odds, against all the loneliness, all the despair, today I managed to scream into the void and maybe, just maybe, someone will hear.”

“It was a challenge, make no mistake about it. My understanding of the Tranquility’s systems was rudimentary at best. But desperate times call for desperate measures, don’t they? I’m a pilot, not an engineer, but if there’s one thing you learn in space exploration, it’s adaptability.”

“I started with the ship’s communication systems. Dead as a doornail. No energy had flowed through those circuits since the crash. But the power from my makeshift solar grid? That was a different story. I rigged a connection, created a power flow, and slowly, oh so slowly, I began to see signs of life.”

“Sure, it’s not the most sophisticated system – certainly nothing compared to what the best solar financing options back on Earth can get you. But here on Solaris, with a 24/7 shining sun, I’m on the best solar plan you could imagine. I had a goal, and I had the power, literally and metaphorically.”

“The communication system, a marvel of engineering designed for interstellar contact, began to warm up. Lights blinked on the console, unfamiliar but hopeful. And then it was time to transmit.”

“I used every bit of power I could spare. There’s no room for frugality when you’re trying to span the light-years. I sent a simple message: SOS. Coordinates. Max Remington alive.”

“Now, I’m back to waiting. But it’s a different wait. It’s not just about survival anymore. It’s about hope. It’s about the chance of returning home and showing just how much better this planet is for drawing solar power – far greater than even a professional 500kW solar system installation back on Earth could achieve. And for the first time since crash-landing, I feel something new, something different. I feel the promise of tomorrow.”

“Max Remington, here on Solaris, signing off.”

Rose Deck Blooms

In the heart of Petalville, Yuki was a girl on a mission. Her first loss hadn’t deterred her, but rather fuelled her determination. Much like she would patiently understand the needs of her different plants, Yuki was ready to delve deeper into her rose-themed deck. She knew that with the right approach, her deck could bloom into an unbeatable force.

One late afternoon, Yuki turned to her reliable gardening companion – the internet. She opened the tab where she usually explored where to buy seeds online and typed in a new search, “Rose-themed Duel Monsters deck strategies”. Her hands maneuvered expertly over the keyboard, as deftly as they worked with the finest rose bush in her garden.

Hours turned into days, and Yuki devoted her time to understanding the synergies between her cards. The “Queen of the Rose Garden”, the “Knight of Red Roses”, the “Thorny Defender” – each card presented a unique playstyle that added a layer of depth to her strategies. She started visualising her duels like a beautifully choreographed dance of roses, each card interacting in harmonious synchrony with the next.

As she refined her strategies, Yuki encountered information about a well-known duelist, Kaira. Much like her, Kaira also possessed a rose-themed deck. However, where Yuki was a beginner, Kaira was a seasoned player, known for her intimidating strategies and the ruthless power of her “Blue-Eyes White Rose”. Yuki knew that crossing paths with Kaira was inevitable.

Meanwhile, her search for the perfect standard roses for sale led her back to her favourite online gardening retailer, but her eyes were not on the roses. They were focused on the screens that played duel after duel, each game offering insights, each card revealing new strategies.

The weeks that followed were a blend of nurturing her beloved roses and practising her Duel Monsters strategies. Yuki played game after game, applying new tactics, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of her deck. Every defeat was a lesson, every victory a validation of her progress.

As she began to secure more victories, her deck truly began to bloom. Yuki was no longer just a beginner. The seeds of her new hobby were starting to grow, her strategies solidifying like the deep roots of a sturdy plant. 

Drain Explorations Continue



Our hero, STEVEN UNWIN, is clad in his signature work wear: a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, stained shorts and steel-capped boots. A large, toothy grin splits his face as he greets the camera.

G’day, viewers! Ready for another ripper adventure? I knew you would be. We’re headed to Thornbury today. Bit more hoity-toity than our usual haunts, but crocs, they don’t discriminate, do they?

He laughs uproariously, slapping his knee in amusement. He grabs his gear and heads out.


Arriving at the entrance to Thornbury’s sewer system, Steven squints into the camera, serious for the first time. He takes a moment to adjust his headlamp before speaking again.

Y’see, folks, when we’re dealing with blocked drains close to Thornbury, it ain’t just a matter of reaching in and pulling out the muck.

Steven pulls out a hefty piece of equipment and holds it up to the camera.

This here’s what you’d call a drain camera. A right dinky-di piece of kit. Plumbers use these for the kind of drain camera inspections Melbourne residents can count on when they’ve got a stubborn blockage.

He lowers the camera into the dark, grimy depths of the sewer.

This little beauty lets us see what’s happening down there. Could be tree roots, could be a fatberg… or could be our very own snobby sewer croc.

As Steven squints at the monitor, his face suddenly lights up.

Struth! There’s our bloke. Look at those teeth, millions of ’em! And that armour, I reckon it’d give a titanium rocket ship a run for its money.

He winks at the camera and then cracks his knuckles, full of anticipation.

Alrighty then, time for a good ol’ Thornbury tussle. Watch out, croc, here I come! This ain’t gonna be a walk in the park, but we’ll get ‘er done!


A Clear Vision

As a father, one thing I’ve learned is that kids will surprise you, just when you least expect it. For the past few weeks, Timmy has done an excellent job of keeping his glasses intact. It’s been a wild ride, watching him put the glasses through a series of inventive ‘tests’ that could rival any durability test a product might undergo before hitting the market. But much to our relief, he seemed to finally grasp the importance of caring for his belongings.

One afternoon, after returning from a routine check-up with our top-rated Bayside eye doctor, I noticed Timmy squinting at the TV. Puzzled, I asked him where his glasses were, expecting him to whip out the indestructible pair from his pocket.

Imagine my surprise when he patted his pockets, checked his backpack, and then stared back at me with wide, confused eyes. After turning the house upside down and even interrogating our old golden retriever, Max, it finally dawned on him. In a hilarious turn of events, he’d forgotten his glasses at the very place he got them – the optometrist’s office.

As parents, we can’t help but chuckle at this irony. Timmy, who used to misplace his glasses every other day, has come a full circle. From losing glasses in various ‘adventures’ to testing their indestructibility, he’s now forgetting them in the most obvious place.

The optometrist’s office was very understanding, though. After all, they are a dedicated children’s optometrist for myopia and are no strangers to children’s antics. They had Timmy’s glasses safe and sound, ready for him to pick up the next day.

So, here’s to our little explorers who keep us on our toes and to the incredibly patient optometrists who keep up with them. Even if you have a mini scientist at home like Timmy, rest assured that there are glasses – and optometrists – capable of withstanding their adventurous spirits.

Just another day in the life of a parent, right? Amid all the chaos and laughter, we can only hope that Timmy learned a valuable lesson. But knowing him, there’s always another adventure waiting around the corner.

Housing Desolate Dominion

Imagine, if you will, a cityscape dotted with homes and buildings, their windows shuttered, their doors locked, their life force drained. Yes, this is Melbourne, a city once buzzing with life, now standing desolate and empty. The sound of laughter, the hum of chatter, the melody of life itself – all but extinguished. The people had been forced out, their homes bought from under them by a man whose insatiable hunger for property knew no bounds.

Donald had done it. He had accomplished his ludicrous goal. He was the sole resident of Melbourne, a city he had turned into his personal property portfolio. He walked the streets, not a soul in sight, yet he couldn’t wipe the triumphant grin off his face. As he returned to his mansion, the towering monument of his relentless conquest, he mused to himself, his voice echoing in the hollow expanse of the city.

“I own so much property. So much. You wouldn’t believe how much property I own,” he said, his voice dripping with pride. His gaze swept over the cityscape, every building, every home a testament to his achievement. “There’s no one better than me at buying property. I’m the best there is,” he declared, his voice echoing in the silence.

The last buyer’s advocacy for Melbourne real estate had shut down years ago, but that didn’t dampen Donald’s spirits. If anything, it emboldened him. There was no need for buyer’s agents anymore. He recalled how he had swooped in, his ever-reliable AI buyer’s agent for property close to Brighton, Donna, by his side, and bought up every last property in sight. The memory brought a smirk to his face. His conquest was complete, yet his desire to own was unquenched.

As our protagonist stood, staring out at his vast, deserted empire, one might assume that he was on the brink of an epiphany. A change of heart, perhaps? But no. His next words shattered that illusion as quickly as it had formed. “I’m not stopping at Melbourne. I won’t stop until I own every property in the world.”

Home Capital Crisis

Picture, dear reader, a city shrouded in shadows, not of tall, majestic trees or towering monuments but of houses that stood empty and desolate, cold and unfeeling. Yes, such was the fate that had befallen our once-vibrant Melbourne.

Several more years had passed since we last met, and the situation had taken a turn for the worse. People were being driven out of their homes, forced to leave the suburbs they had lived in for years – suburbs like Burwood and Kew. As they packed up their memories into cardboard boxes and watched their houses morph into cold edifices, their hearts broke.

The housing crisis had escalated, spiralling out of control. It was like a monster that fed on dreams and happiness, leaving behind trails of despair and broken spirits.

But dear reader, there was one man who remained completely untouched by this crisis, who continued his buying frenzy with the same enthusiastic ignorance that he had begun with – Donald. 

With Donna by his side, the property advocates near Melbourne watched helplessly as the duo worked with relentless precision, capturing property after property, suburb after suburb. Their latest conquest – the beautiful suburb of Kew. They had brought in the most trustworthy buyer’s agent Kew residents could rely on, only to turn him into another pawn in their game of Capitalism.

So many houses, so many neighbourhoods, all under the reign of one man, who looked at the city not as a place where life bloomed, but as a chessboard, where houses were mere pieces to be moved and manipulated.

And as Donald looked out from the top of his golden fortress, at a city that had once throbbed with life, now only silence met his ears. The laughter had faded, the chatters had died down, and all that was left were empty houses and deserted streets. And yet he stood there, basking in his victories, oblivious to the ruin he had brought upon the city.

Yet, time, dear reader, is a curious thing. It moves forward, not back. And with it, hope moves too. What happens next, you ask? Ah, dear reader, that is a tale for another day. For even as the darkness threatens to consume all, a new dawn waits, bringing with it new challenges and new possibilities.

Boating King Pending

I wonder when the Boat King will be coming back. He said he’d come and pick me up soon, but I’ve been waiting for hours now. I don’t know how much longer I can sit here out in the cold before giving up on him. Mind you, I don’t want to give up on a great man like him. I’m sure he’ll come through for me. But what if he doesn’t? What if I am left to freeze in the cold winds of winter? He wouldn’t do that to me. I’m sure he wouldn’t. The man who made welding for snapper racks near Melbourne cool would never abandon me. He cares greatly about the life of his loyal vassal. If he doesn’t come back for me, what would that say about his qualities as a leader and a deserving holder of the Boat King title? Without his reputation, he would just be Sesh Oma Roo, the regular boat-loving pirate!

It was the strangest thing, our parting. He dropped me off at the supermarket and told me to pick up some cheese. He didn’t care what kind of cheese, as long as it was yellow and crumbly, and cost under $10. I said I wouldn’t fail him. And then my master said, “Thank you, Joken. I will be coming back for you. I have done a terrible thing and have the entire police force after me. Stay here. I will be going to Iceland.” So he is definitely coming back. I don’t know why he is going to Iceland or for how long, but I am sure he will be right back. Master Sesh Oma Roo would never forget about me!

When it gets dark, though, I think I will head off. I have a bunch of boat latches to weld. I am such an invaluable servant to the Boat King, which is why I am so confident he will be back. Eventually, at least. He must have gotten held up. Alright, I suppose it is time to go!

Be your best self, or Batman, always be Batman