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Glassty Gnork

In the heart of the glass realm, nestled among shimmering skyscrapers and colourful glass balustrades, stood Glassty Gnork’s Citadel. Composed entirely of crystal clear glass, it was a testament to both beauty and strength. Our scaly hero, Pyro, stared up at the towering citadel, girding himself for the battle that was sure to come.

Stepping through the grand entrance, Pyro’s heart pounded in his chest. He had faced many adversaries, but none as formidable as Glassty Gnork. The villain emerged from the shadows, a gleaming figure encased in a suit of hardened glass. The standoff was as tense as the silence before a storm, each opponent measuring the other.

As the battle commenced, sparks of magic flew, echoing through the glass halls. Pyro’s flames clashed with Gnork’s icy blasts, causing cracks to ripple across the citadel’s walls and floors. It wasn’t long before the once pristine citadel began showing the scars of their fierce battle.

Through the din of the fight, Pyro remembered the importance of the citadel’s structure to the realm’s inhabitants. In the midst of their clash, he saw the need to book office glass tinting services in Melbourne. The citadel wasn’t just a home for Glassty Gnork; it served as a hub for many glass experts who would now need to repair the damage.

As Pyro dodged another of Gnork’s icy blasts, he marvelled at his adversary’s strength. His own fire seemed to merely glance off Gnork’s glass armour. Using an advanced office tinting process, Glassty Gnork had made his armour completely heat resistant, proving effective even against his dragon fire.

The battle raged on, the citadel suffering under their powerful onslaught. Pyro knew that the realm’s skilled repair experts would have their work cut out for them. But he also knew that the glass realm and its diligent guardians would rise to the occasion, just like they always did.

As the dust settled, Pyro found himself ready for the repair phase. The citadel would shine again, and the realm would continue to dazzle all who visited. After all, the spirit of the glass realm was as resilient as the materials they so masterfully crafted.

A Family Defeated

I can’t believe my family’s winning streak on Family Fight is over. We’ve been on the show for two-hundred straight episodes, using our excellent knowledge of people and things to dominate the show. We’d amassed billions of dollars in prize money, risking it all and doubling our overall pool at the end of each episode. We were going to take the money without risking it next week, but thanks to our final episode, that money is gone! And now the debt collectors will be after me, for all the loans we took out with the prize money we were going to earn. I don’t have a cent to pay them. Guess I can kiss my legs goodbye.

This is all Grand Dinner’s fault, along with the show’s producers. They rigged the whole thing to kick us off, I’m sure of it. They didn’t want to pay us however many billions, maybe even trillions, we had earned. They knew we were going to take the money and leave the show gracefully soon, so they staged a coup. Not once in the show’s history has there been a question about office glass tinting near Melbourne. Not once! And all of a sudden there are two of them, when the opposing family just happens to know about that topic. Coincidence? I think not!

I think it’s time to pack my suitcase and steal away to the Bahamas with my family before the debt collectors arrive. I’m not letting them take my legs, or my arms, or whatever they threaten me with. Maybe they’ll threaten to throw me through a commercial decorative window. That would be quite ironic. I hear debt collectors do have a sense of irony and poetry. 

My family will obviously go into hiding for a while, but someday I’m going to come back here and make the Family Fight crew pay for what they’ve done. This whole situation stinks of a conspiracy. There’s no way those questions were a coincidence. For all I know, the Riley family may not even be real contestants. Maybe they are actors who were specifically chosen to kick my family off. And now we’re on the run! Well, I’ll get my revenge eventually.

GSB’s Nightmare

It’s time for the first challenge of Australia’s Next Top Office. It looks like we’ve got some fantastic contestants for the show’s second season, premiering on Not Flicks later this year! This blog will act as a preview to our dedicated fans who are willing to search the web for a little bit of behind the scenes action. Today we’re asking the contestants to create their best glass balustrades in a challenge we call GSB’s Nightmare! 

As you should know, the Glass Smashing Bandit is one of our contestants. He’s famous for his glass-smashing rampages all across Melbourne. In this challenge, he and all the other contestants will have to work with large amounts of glass, which the GSB will surely be tempted to smash. Will his previous experience with glass mean that he succumbs to temptation, or will it give him the knowledge he needs to perform the best glass balustrade installation Melbourne has ever seen? It’s time to find out!

If you want my opinion, the Dirge is the most likely to win this challenge. He’s got the background in glasswork to get the job done right. I’ve got my money on him, but that isn’t to say others couldn’t take the points. Archerak has his powerful spells; perhaps one of them allows him to conjure a balustrade. Jack Zebraman has played a glazier in several movies. And who knows what Ms Frankie has up her sleeve? Perhaps she’s got a background in residential glazing that we don’t know about. I think this race is wide open, even if the Dirge starts as the favourite.

I wouldn’t even count the Glass Smashing Bandit out of this one. The challenge has been specifically designed to tempt him, but he’s managed to elude Melbourne’s best detectives for months now. He’s a criminal mastermind and not to be reckoned with. 

It’s time that we got this show started. We’ve already missed the first death of the season. Alright, crew – lights, camera, action!

Skyscraper Balustrade

I found Dr Pistachio on top of the tallest building in Melbourne, cowering behind a glass balustrade. Typical behaviour for a supervillain: act tough while your plan is going ahead, then pretend to be weak once it begins to fall apart. I only had thirty seconds to save the city. There was no time for games.

“Tell me where the leak is!” I yelled, over the howling winds above the city. “You madman, thousands of people will perish.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said. “What leak? I don’t want anybody to die. Please, Super Duper Man, don’t hurt me.”

He always does this. Tries to convince me that I’m the bad guy. But I’m not the one who filled the sewers of Melbourne with poisonous gas. “It’s over, Doctor,” I said, rising higher in the air and looking down on him. “Even the best glass balustrades near Melbourne won’t be able to save you.”

“Please, Super Duper Man, you have the wrong guy!” He reached into his jacket and pulled out a piece of paper. “Don’t you remember what the courts ruled? This is harassment and you’re supposed to stay away from me!”

I could only laugh. “The forged restraining order? You don’t think your devilish trickery can stop me, do you?” Lasers shot forth from my eyes, burning the piece of paper, its embers joining me in the sky.

This battle would be truly epic, once Dr Pistachio stopped playing an innocent fool. Yes, lots of skyscrapers across the city would be destroyed, but it would all be worth it. Besides, the commercial glazing industry would have work for months, repairing all the glass. Truly, it would be for the good of the city.

“If you don’t tell me where the lethal gas leak is, I’ll have to destroy everything you care about,” I said, clenching a fist.

Dr Pistachio looked over the balustrade, down to the ground a hundred stories below. With one swift movement, he threw himself at me. I responded quickly before he could unleash an evil machine to attack me. Grabbing the back of his shirt, I immobilized the villain and flew him to the nearest prison, where we could get the truth out of him.

Super Duper Man saves the day once more.

Taking Glass Seriously

Whats on and I got to the bakery at midday, knowing that we were far too late. Shouldn’t have stopped for that coffee, but you know how it is. Tell yourself you’ve got time, do some grocery shopping, check your watch and realise that you still have time, so you go for a game or three of bowling, then grab a coffee on the way. In theory, we should have made it there before the Glass Smashing Bandit, but Whatson’s ten-minute rant about how all of the glass balustrades within the Melbourne area look more like they’re made out of obsidian than glass made us late.

We received an anonymous tip at six in the morning, just as our office opened, telling us that the Glass Smashing Bandit was headed straight for a bakery in south Melbourne, to break their display window. He’s a slippery one, seeming to fall out of our grasp every time we come close. Will we ever catch this walking curse that has befallen our noble city? What if he thinks bigger, and begins to realise that there are entire skyscrapers made of glass, ready to be destroyed?

I’ve been thinking about this criminal, trying to work out his motivations. I figure he must have some sort of investment in the glass replacement industry, because why else would he give them so much work to do? It’s like how the Jester from the Baitman comics has stocks in a company that does building construction, which is why he destroys so many hospitals and banks.

Watson thinks he could just be a standard criminal with a taste for senseless violence, but that’s not possible. This guy is a criminal mastermind. How else would he keep avoiding us, even when we get tips as to his whereabouts? We’re dealing with a true genius here, possibly a graduate of the Supervillain Training Academy. He really needs to start taking this case seriously, because I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the entire city is at risk here.