GSB’s Nightmare

It’s time for the first challenge of Australia’s Next Top Office. It looks like we’ve got some fantastic contestants for the show’s second season, premiering on Not Flicks later this year! This blog will act as a preview to our dedicated fans who are willing to search the web for a little bit of behind the scenes action. Today we’re asking the contestants to create their best glass balustrades in a challenge we call GSB’s Nightmare! 

As you should know, the Glass Smashing Bandit is one of our contestants. He’s famous for his glass-smashing rampages all across Melbourne. In this challenge, he and all the other contestants will have to work with large amounts of glass, which the GSB will surely be tempted to smash. Will his previous experience with glass mean that he succumbs to temptation, or will it give him the knowledge he needs to perform the best glass balustrade installation Melbourne has ever seen? It’s time to find out!

If you want my opinion, the Dirge is the most likely to win this challenge. He’s got the background in glasswork to get the job done right. I’ve got my money on him, but that isn’t to say others couldn’t take the points. Archerak has his powerful spells; perhaps one of them allows him to conjure a balustrade. Jack Zebraman has played a glazier in several movies. And who knows what Ms Frankie has up her sleeve? Perhaps she’s got a background in residential glazing that we don’t know about. I think this race is wide open, even if the Dirge starts as the favourite.

I wouldn’t even count the Glass Smashing Bandit out of this one. The challenge has been specifically designed to tempt him, but he’s managed to elude Melbourne’s best detectives for months now. He’s a criminal mastermind and not to be reckoned with. 

It’s time that we got this show started. We’ve already missed the first death of the season. Alright, crew – lights, camera, action!