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The best therapy is a holiday in Lorne

Cumerland LorneWhen people hear what I do, they call me a happiness psychologist. I really don’t know why…it always just seems redundant. It’s not like people don’t have brains of their own, and thus the field of psychology applies to them. Is this one of those turn of phrases that I keep hearing about? Maybe, but I’m definitely more of a people person and words don’t always make a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, some people have a bit of a rough life compared to others that are straight up stable. It feels like being sad gets passed from person to person like a disease. It’s just that people are often exposed to a greater degree of trauma than others. One person might take the long scenic country road, another along a dark gravel road. My best advice is always to get away from everything have a nice holiday. It’s amazing how therapeutic a holiday can be, especially to some place relaxing like Lorne. Hotels are the best because everything is taken care of for you including cleaning and fresh towels. I can’t recommend the great ocean road highly enough, it’s a beautiful location and something that everyone should experience.

Anyway, I travel around Victoria to anyone who has a problem and see how they’re doing. Oh, nothing like a full service, though that’s something I can do if things get too serious. No, I just make sure they’re still ticking, make some notes and maybe dole out some advice on how to make things better.

I guess the ‘psychologist’ part comes in, since I’m not actively treating the people; it’s more of a general inspection, or I might listen to their problems. I’ve always kind of had a knack for telling what a friend needs or when something’s wrong. Usually all they need is a few days of sun and sand in a luxury apartment in Lorne. I suppose in the end none of the stress really matters. People can say what they want. So long as they keep sending me out to look after folks, it’s still a job.