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If only I Knew Software Development

software development courseYou know how your parents always told you that you were going to get square eyes, watching the screen for too long? Well…maybe there was some truth to that. I guess it’s because I’m coding so late and it’s usually dark, but sometimes I can see what I’ve been working on in front of my eyes like I haven’t left the screen. Is it possible to look at something so long it actually becomes kind of…imprinted on your retinas? Maybe I should get my eyes tested.

Man, I haven’t felt this tired since I was back in my software development course and my final project was due. Really brings me back, in a bad way. Of course, I wouldn’t even BE this tired if I hadn’t been pulling so many hours for overseas companies. It’s the only way I can get work after the business I worked for had to pack up shop. Guess once Lawrence Corp moves in down the street there’s nothing much a small business of six people can do, especially when we’re offering the same services. They probably have legions of software course graduates, and web design people and…I don’t know, experts in turning things on and off. The cream of the crop from all the best universities, scads of business and marketing managers to help them crush the competition. What can the little guy do, right? Still, our business dropped off like nothing else. I’m lucky I even had this software development course under my belt; everyone else was either an inside hire or were connected to the family business, so they don’t have qualifications.

Hopefully we can still meet up. I know Ranjesh is doing some kind of game design course in Melbourne somewhere, so good for him. I guess we’ll all just make do with being out in the big wild world. It was fun while it lasted. Still need to go and see the optometrist though, because this vision thing just isn’t going away. Keep seeing a load of blue squares and one of them turns red for a moment…and I’m not even working on anything like that. Weird.