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I’m Still Just the Net Guy

cricket netsHey family,

Australia suits me, I think. It’s been a big change, going from living with all of you in the English countryside to being by myself right in the heart of the city, but I think I’m starting to enjoy it. Things are open later, there’s always sushi when you want it (that’s like, rice with stuff inside, wrapped in seaweed…it’s really hard to explain) and I’m discovering a lot of stuff as I go.

Work is pretty cool as well, though being a ‘pom’ in a sport environment leads to a lot of ribbing. Like, people just can’t shut up about cricket, even though I don’t care and never will. If the indoor cricket nets need replacing they always send me to do it because…I don’t know. Something about the Ashes and having to make up for it. I’m REALLY hoping we win next time they roll around, because I want to rub it in their faces. Maybe hand my boss the cricket nets and tell him to do it himself.

Actually, don’t get me wrong; they’re really good people. Aside from the cricket thing,w e get on really well. I even got invited to the pub last night, and it’s pretty much the same as an English pub, except without all the good food. People mostly do the same things, though. Like, they still all make that one sound when someone breaks a glass. I had been wondering, so that’s good to know.

Otherwise, it’s just a lot of work at the moment, inflating various sports balls and setting up nets. If I’m good, they’ll let me set up the AFL nets for the big pro games. Apparently they think that’ll be some big honour for me, but I’ve seen at least one game, and I know they don’t even HAVE nets. So…that’s suspicious. Maybe it’s a prank.