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Impressed Plumber

I’m a plumber, and have worked on hundreds of houses over my ten year career. As you can imagine, I’ve seen a massive range of houses, with some being immaculate and incredibly impressive, to others being the kind of dirty that makes you feel like you need a shower straight after leaving. Well, last week I did the plumbing for the bathrooms and kitchen in a house on the very end of the spectrum… it was the best house I’ve ever seen.

I was gobsmacked when I first walked in. Everything about it was perfect and I was in awe of the work the kitchen design specialist, whoever they were, had done. I actually took photos, with permission, to show to my boss. I don’t think he would have ever seen a kitchen quite like the one I worked on either. Some people really are talented, and some people really do have a lot of money.

After I had finished my work in the kitchen, I was shown the bathrooms. I was blown away again. I had truly never seen anything like it, and didn’t even think that level of opulence, creativity and functionality was possible. I think it was pretty safe to say that it was some of the finest bathroom renovation work Melbourne had ever seen.

I finished that job just over a week ago now, and I regret not taking longer to complete it. I would have loved for it to have been a bigger job, so that I could call up some of my work mates to help out. But unfortunately, the job was easy because everything had already been set up perfectly.

I did some research about the specific aspects of the bathroom and kitchen, just to satisfy my own curiosity. It made sense why the home was the best house I had ever seen. Every material used was of the highest quality, and often very rare. I’m still in awe a week later. I can only hope that they were satisfied with the work I did and call me back for other jobs soon.