Dating and boating

outboard motor repairsIn order to understand me you have to know two things. The first is that I love the ocean, I love everything to do with ocean and would live in it if I could. I spend as much time in the sea as possible and if I’m not directly in the sea then I like to be on my boat. The second thing to know is I put my boat first. If it comes to hanging out with you or working on my boat, I will choose the latter, always. Ok, looking back this wasn’t the best online dating profile but it was honest. I’m not great at the whole charming, funny thing so I just went with direct, this is me.

That is a refined version, originally I had written a small paragraph about my new anchor winch, Melbourne girls are apparently not impressed by such things. My sister had many suggestions on what to delete. I am not surprised that I got zero attention on my profile attempt. I tried to chat to a girl called Sarah who had a boat in one of her pictures but she blocked me. Doesn’t do great things for your confidence. My sister told me to try a less direct approach and try and be a little more light hearted about it. Sadly I was compelled to remove any mention of my recent outboard motor repairs in Melbourne.

I’m a young guy who has a passion for the sea and would like to get to know you. While the messages didn’t quite come flooding in, I did get chatting to a nice girl called Louise who spends a lot of time on her parents boat in the bay. I tried not to get too into the boating chat but when she mentioned her Dad’s new electric anchor winch I couldn’t resist asking what model it was. I guess she liked that because she has invited me to go and see it on the weekend so fingers crossed she thinks I’m somewhat normal.